Our Materials

Natural materials perfect for water-based fabrication

Imagine a world where you have the freedom to 3D print art, products, and objects for various purposes in harmony with nature. All of our materials follow our regenerative frame work. This means creating in line with nature, free of waste and part of a natural lifecycle

Home Compostable

Home compostable implies materials can break down naturally, aiding soil and ecosystem restoration in both marine and land environments.

From unavoidable waste

Regenerative materials originate from resources that aren't part of the food chain. They stem from inevitable organic waste, such as discarded olive pits or oyster shells,

Life Friendly

Materials are free from harmful toxins, minerals, or chemicals. This ensures no immediate or downstream harm to people, animals, or the environment.

Low energy

Our materials are designed for water-based fabrication, ensuring that products are created through drying rather than excessive heat, unlike plastics.

100% reusable

Our materials boast full reusability. By adding water, the materials can be effortlessly converted back into a versatile paste, ready to be reused in the manufacturing of your product


Our foundation's objective is to empower you to utilize biomaterials. To do this we make our materials accessible at an affordable price point.

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Alginate Binder

Versatile alginate binder for easy to use 3D printing pastes

€ 10.00 EUR

per 100 Gram

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Filler - Oyster Shells

Eco-friendly 3D printing powder from oyster shells.

€ 10.00 EUR

per 250 gram

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Filler - Olive Pit

Eco-friendly 3D printing powder made from olive pit waste.

€ 10.00 EUR

per 250 Gram

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Sources we are testing

Beyond the materials we are offering directly in our webshop we're always testing cutting edge new recipes and fiber reinforced products. Below a selection of the materials we have worked with. If you are interested in any of these materials.
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