Filler - Olive Pit
Eco-friendly 3D printing powder made from olive pit waste.

Filler - Olive Pit

This 3D printing powder is made from high-quality olive pit waste and is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional 3D printing materials. The powder is finely ground and processed to ensure consistent quality and a smooth, uniform texture. The olive pit waste powder is non-toxic and home-compostable, making it a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious 3D printing enthusiasts. It is also easy to work with, and mixes well with calcium carbnate and alginate fillers. Consists of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin

€ 10.00 EUR

per 250 Gram
Ship-out time

10 days

General information

Price per KG

Origin: Olive pits

Granule size: 100 microns

Composition: Olive pits arelike hard wood, mainly consisting of cellulose and lignin.

Water-resistant: Poor without coating

Ideal use cases: Easy-to-usematerial, starting prototyping, wood like finish.

Supplier: Biopowders

Source location: Malta


The material is universally compatible with all binders, although the use of alginate results in the best outcomes; additionally, mixing it with calcium carbonate can lead to a stronger final product.Compatible with all binders, with alginate yielding the best results. Can be mixed with calcium carbonate to create a tougher final product

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