Make products loved by Mother Earth
Junai draws inspiration from nature to develop easy to use solutions that connect the gap between human-made products and the environment. We are a foundation aimed at creating tools and materials to design and experiment with home compostable biomaterials.
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What we offer

Junai provides user-friendly biomaterial 3D printers, kits, and materials that make sustainable manufacturing accessible to everyone. Whether you are a researcher seeking to push the boundaries of biomaterials or a designer creating distinctive and sustainable products, Junai makes it easy to get started making products loved by mother earth

User friendly paste and clay 3dprinters

Open Source mod kits to modify your priner

Affordable biomaterials to help you get started

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Our Go-to Materials

How does it work?

Weigh materials

Mix ingredients

Load in printer

3D Print

Dry the product



No Waste sustainable product manufacturing

Low energy production

Bio 3D printing reduces energy consumption by 70% compared to plastics

At home compostable

Materials naturally break down in the environment, easily reclaimed by nature

Easy reusability

Simply add water, create a paste and you can start over again on a new print

The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit

-Nelson Henderson


Our partnerships are a huge part of what we do.
Gemeente Amsterdam
Spark 904
Ams Institute
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